Made in Cornwall 28th June 2017- a blog post from the penlee cluster interns

Sarah: It was great time to be present in Penzance during the Golowan Festival – especially Mazey day and Quay Fair day. As I witnessed the Mazey Eve celebration with fireworks, I was all geared up for the weekend. Wearing my bright dress which I had specially saved for Mazey :D it was great fun to walk the parade with the fantastic bunch of enthusiastic kids of St. Mary's COE school who had chosen Noah's ark as their theme. Little ones wearing masks and dressed as various animals - from Leopards to Ladybirds, several holding ‘waves’ (see picture) were cheered on by the crowd who watched with great admiration swaying to the rhythms displayed by kids playing several types of percussion. Following the procession, I spent the day at St. Mary's church which hosted lunch for visitors. It was fantastic to meet people from so many different places, friends of our friends in church and listen to their stories and show them love! - not forgetting the compliments I got for my dress :P Overall, Mazey weekend was full of energy - a time of love and laughter.

Ashish: Going out with Street Pastors on Mazey night was a memorable experience. It was the busiest night of the year so far. It was loud and alive even at mid-night. Our bags were getting filled with empty alcohol bottles in less than 30 minutes while passing through various streets in Penzance. We were emptying bags over and over. There were couple of young guys who needed medical assistance on that night. We received appreciation from many who have seen us helping out without anything in return. They also wanted to know how they can help us in future. There were many youth with whom we got an opportunity to speak and could bless them in our hearts while walking ahead.

Josh: On Sunday afternoon at St Mary's church Penzance we hosted a 'Fusion' event. Jason, the cluster's placement student, was a huge help. Sarah, Jason, Ashish and I hugely appreciated the help we received from other volunteers and staff as it couldn't have happened without them. After doing a fusion cream tea with Indian snacks in the church we moved everyone outside to do an open air worship service. With worship, dancing, prayer, drama, reflection and audience participation everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The dance moves and music from the service are being used in other places now. This Wednesday we taught the children at St Mary's school the dance and one of the songs we did. As the work we do reaches more and more people it makes it all the more worthwhile. Thanks to everyone who support us and our work in prayer, I know there are plenty of people in Dorset doing that as well as here in Cornwall now that I've settled here in the cluster!

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