Florida By Daniela

Hot and rainy
Florida's climate is hot and rainy .Because it is tropical and close to the Equator
This is a drought
A drought Impact Florida the fish will die because it has no water and it will
A bad Thunderstorms
Thunderstorms affects one location for extended
A hurricane
A Hurricanes can cause storms surge and tidal flooding and high winds and tornaos heavy rain and flooding
A peninsula is a land form
Ice age
Earth is warming 50x faster than when it comes out of an Ice Age
Most of Florida is relatively flat but over time
Barrier island
The most complicated Barrier island system it the world.
This is a barrier island.
Some of the barrier islands include parts of islands in Texas.

This is a wetland.
Wetlands help keep river levels normal and filter and purify the surface water. When water levels are low wetlands slowly release water. A marsh in Scotland also release vegetation matter into rivers, which helps feed fish in the rivers. 
This is a lake.
Many lakes formed in central Florida because mainly of an acid rain that percolates under a lying soil layer and raised gradually and slowly above.
This is the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean.
The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean are important natural resources because of the gulf stream, and its boarded by Cuba, and the Atlantic ocean is the second largest of the world's oceans.
This is lumber
Lumber is one of Florida's important resources because it was created as 350 permant jobs and inject $ 1.30 million it the capital over 3 years.
Phosphate is an important recourse for Florida because it plays an important role in energy production in ATP which means a demoine triphosphate phosphate.
This is oil
Oil is an important recourse for Florida because oil heating is gradually being replaced by other energy sources.
Renewable and nonrenewable
The difference between a renewable and nonrenewable is that in a renewable resource you can use it multiple times.and a non renewable resource you can't use it multiple times.


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