Zoo Expedition Asian Exhibit

What is a zoo

Zoo is an establishment which contain and maintain creatures of all sorts, typically in a park or garden design. It is also known for protecting and saving endangered species. The creatures are often Put up for display for educational, entertainment and protective purposes.

Zoo visualisations

Here are some of the things I come up with when I think of zoo

One of many rare animals around the world

Before we were ready to build and plan our zoo, we needed to question. We were asked to question everything we can come up with in the category: design, purpose, material, animal welfare, education and promotion. After that we labeled it in each difference category and the aftermath is a picture below.

Mind map
Zoo enclosure designs

Before any zoo enclosures were made, there needs to be a clear plan of what the enclosure will look like and it also needs to consider the the specific needs for specific animals. This can include foods, entertainment and also protection.

Although there are many design of enclosures, most of the are similar, with glass, fence, pathway around and scenery in the middle. The most common design would have a tunnel pathway where the audience could walk around and the enclosure itself. The pathways and the enclosure would be separated by a thick wall of glass for audiences' safety.

This enclosure is often used for animals with an aggressive behaviour, such as gorillas and tigers.

There are also some enclosure for passive animals. Some of these animals can be sloth, koala or penguins.

This design is made up so that the audience can interact or have a clear view of the animals inside

Asian animals

There are many different types of Asian animals. The animals that we are considering to add in our zoos are : elephants, rhinosaurus, tapir, dhole, panda, tigers and Bear.

Ven Diagram
This is the venndiagram we created to compare and contrast the differences between a good zoo exhibit and a bad zoo exhibit

One of an examples of a bad zoo is Giza Zoo at Egypt. Animals in this zoos are kept in cages that are cramped and rarely get fed or excerisised. The zoo allows the audience go into the captive of dangerous animals such as tigers and lions while they are in a bad mood from what they have been through. The zoo also have multiple reports of animals being beaten and starved to death.

One of an example of an acceptable zoo is Basel zoo in Switzerland. Animals here are kept in a huge enclosures and the audiences are able to observer the lifestyle of the animals with ease. This can include their diet, breeding and how they sleep. The ground is well kept and clean and very sanitised while the environment and the enclosures have life-like environment.

SWOT analysis


To create a zoo that have the the ability to draw audiences in, there needs to be an equal balance in both entertainment and education. The zoo should contain animals the people often have a liking to.


One of the many weaknesses of zoos include animals being kept in cages. This can sometimes be entertaining and educational, but most of the time it is portrayed as being cruel.


Audience and children can possible learn from observing the animalitys. Audiences should be able to enjoy animal shows and exhibits from safe distance and a clear protection.


If animals that are not treated properly they will loose their sanity. Animals are like us, they have emotions. If they are treated by the wrong hand. They can be deadly.

What is creativity

Definition :- the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

We came up with ideas in many different ways: this can be brainstorming, researching or observing when we went to see the tiger island in dream world. Some of the idea that we came up with are what type of animals, in this case we came up with Asian animals since all the other regions were taken. From observing the tiger island, we had a clear knowledge about the tigers natural habitat, and brainstorming were used to question our zoo design to see if there is anything that is not acceptable in a zoo.

Dream world excursion

In week 8 we went to to dream world to check out the new tiger island that they are planning to work on to protect the tigers. During this excursions we have learned many things such as how tigers sleep, eat and also their natural habitat

We were also able to ride all the rides and look at different animals such as kangaroo, koala and the Tasmanian devil

Madagascar ride
Our exhibit proposal

I finally we have decided to make asian themed exhibit with asian animals such anh's panda or tiger

hanimals that we are going to use are: tigers, panda, rhino, elephant, Macaque and slow loris. We picked these six animals because most of the time they are picked the most favourable animals in the asian exhibit

Size of the each habitat

Every animals have their own exhibit with there minimum captivity size. The panda will have bamboo forest habitat, rhino and elephant is going to have sandy habitat with trees and macaque and slow loris will have a normal forest habitat.

For our miniature zoo design, we probably will use some cardboard, paint and 3D printing plastic. Plastic is going to be used for for miniature animals using the technique of 3D printing for the enclosures or the environment is broadly going to be made out of cardboard or 3D printing. Paint is going to be used to make our final design better.

Miniature animals

We are going to be able to educate and entertain the audience by hosting animal shows such as tigers or elephant. During the show/talk the zoo keeper can explain the animals daily routine and can get the audience to interact with animals.

Created By
Anh Dao


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