Gallery: WHS Softball Team Defeats Weymouth 15-0 bridget o'connor

The Rebels defeated the Weymouth Wildcats 15-0 at their home opener on April 10. Their next game will be Thurs. April 11, against Needham at Claxton Park in Needham.

Senior Jaida Dingle-Brown playing second base.
Ashley King batting during the game.
Katie Lynch pitching the ball.
Senior McKenzie Rae batting during the game.
Catcher Keira Mcinerney about to catch the pitch.
Sammie Kearns ready to run to second base.
Freshman Catie Powderly batting at the game.
Keira Mcinerney batting at the game.
Katie Leacoma hitting the ball.
Jacqui Mulcahy ready to catch the ball.
The softball team huddling before the game.

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