War of Roses BY: libbie geralds

The House of York -- House of York, Richard, Duke of York was the father of Edward IV and Richard III, these people were involved.

The House of Lancaster -- House of Lancaster , Henry VI was the king to start the war. His wife Margaret she took control of the country,

Henry VI was the king to start the war between these brothers.

Edward IV had 5 sons and the youngest son had a good chance of becoming kings because all of his brothers died.

Richard III was guilty because many believe that he really killed his nephews so he could be king. Also the raven means death and when that happened there happened to have to ravens around.

Battle of Bosworth was where a lancasterian noble man named Henry Tudor landed in Wales and raised an army to beat Richard III, this is where they met ot have battle.

Henry Tudor was crowned Henry VII. He did not have a very good claim of the throne. He also won the victory over King Richard III. The House of Tudor, Henry VII defeated Richard III to end the War of the Roses.


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