Say no to cyberbullying How would you feel if your child was a victim of cyberbullying today?

My experience of online safety is my mum got a blockage put on my little sister's phone as part of her contract. Also my mum put a limited amount of data on to her contract so when she runs out of data then that's tough! Also my experience is that my mum never gave me internet as a young child because I had to focus on education.

The ways that the UK government could reduce cyberbullying is by putting restrictions like age restrictions so that if your not over 18 you will not be able to access this site. More ways that the UK government can help cyberbullying is by getting a message out to parents that little children shouldn't have the latest phones at such a young age. Maybe back in the day Nokia but not a Iphone or latest Samsung.

Children in the UK should not be victims as it is very dangerous and they have been serious case reviews of people that have lost their life because of cyberbullying so watch out and be aware of a internet bug!

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