"as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord"

Hello dear friends!

It's been a while that we haven't heard from each other and we would like to hear from you and get connected again with you all.

Many exciting things happened for the past two years and now, we'd like to let you know that we are having our second baby and it is a baby girl!!!!!!!

We are so grateful for the wonderful things that the Lord is doing to our family, we are so grateful that He entrusted us with the most important ministry in His kingdom, to be a parent!!!

Even before we got married, the Lord is already preparing our hearts for this baby, He told us that He's gonna give us a baby girl and she's gonna grow up in a house of prayer and that we will name her, Sharrah ( Sharrah Elizabeth Hope Floyd ).

He spoke to me about this baby in a dream, she's dancing before the Lord in the house of prayer. I'm due on June 26 of this year and we are really excited and happy on how the Lord is fulfilling His words to us!

Our firstborn Charlie is becoming a really smart boy and ever since I got pregnant with him, we started to see tangible miracles of God and tremendous favor over Charlie until now. Just recently, God visited Charlie with a miracle.

You all know that Charlie had a cleft lip and got it fixed when we were in the Philippines, because of the cleft, Charlie is missing a piece of bone inside of his mouth to where he couldnt grow a tooth and there's a gap on his upper gum. no bone, no tooth.

I remember how Shane and I would lay our hands on his face and would declare supernatural bone and tooth in his mouth and that there won't be a gap in his mouth anymore and that it will be a testimony of the Lord's faithfulness over us.

One night, like what I normally do before putting him to bed, I brushed his tooth and after that without thinking, I opened his mouth and check his teeth, to my surprise, i saw that there's tooth coming in to the spot to where he had a gap on his upper gum!!!!

This is our Charlie!!!
Most of you all have been with us ever since before we got married and have been partnering with us through prayers and financial support.

You all know our story and how we got married, the Lord specifically called us to be and serve a house of prayer. After getting married, we felt the need of rest from doing ministries and all that while in the Philippines as we were also getting ready to move in United States as a family.

November of 2015, we were able to come here in America and after a year of settling, now feel the urgency to get involve with the International House of Prayer (IHOP) as a first step of our calling as family.

The Lord made this clear to us that He wanted us to continue to serve His house as Intercessory missionaries just recently after a couple of months of moving here specifically in KC.

My husband Shane Floyd ( most of you know him as Edrollah Shanolla ) served at IHOP for couple of years before he came to the Philippines, but to be able to get us a place in Kansas City, he had to get a full time job just to settle us here.

Now that the Lord is wanting us to get connected to the house of prayer, we have decided that Shanollah should start getting involve with the staff again at IHOP as soon as we can.

We prayed and planned that after we have Sharrah, Shanollah will look for ministry opportunities while using his leave from his full time job. This means we will need your support thru prayers and financial support again to cover our rent and bills as we step out and do what the Lord asked us to do.

We are so grateful that the Lord is faithful to us and that we don't want to take it for granted!

We are so grateful that the Lord is faithful to us and that we don't want to take it for granted. More than anything, we want to perform our vow to the Lord as a married couple not neglecting our calling to serve Him in His house of prayer, reaching people around the globe that our lost and drawing them back to the Messiah so they can experience Him and His love!

This can be overwhelming to us since it can be a huge challenging to us financially and physcally since we just got house and now having another baby but we don't want to stay into our comfort zone and we wan't to be found faithful!

Regardless of anything, we are more than confident that the Lord is able to provide for all our needs!

Not just to ask of you for help, we also want you to allow us to be your partners in prayers and maybe help you our thru something that you need personally and with our ministry. Please pet us know how we can help you!

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