Bartender At a Hotel Shane sandoval

A-1, 4/4

Nature Of Work - Basically all you do is serve drinks to the people that live in the hotel or whoever comes that's of age.

Training, Qualifications and Advancement - You need to be a highschool graduate and be certified. You don't need any special training, just know how to make drinks.

Employment - You need to be patient, cool headed and know how to talk to people for this job so you can get to either buy more drinks or get a good rate so people talk about that hotel and visit.

Job Outlook - At 18 it's a little hard to get a job off the back because they want someone who has more experience or you can easily get a job if someone just lost a recent bartender and he's either desperate or just eager to have another bartender

Projection Data - the percentage of being hired as a bartender is 10% which is faster than the average.

Earnings - As of Jan 2017, the average pay for a Bartender is $7.71/hr or $29,038 annually.

Related Occupations - Bakers, Butchers/Meat Cutters, Gaming Dealers, Retail Salesperson, Hotel/Motel/Resort Desk Clerks and Gaming Cage Workers.

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