Threatened "Southocaust" at Hinsdale South A 16-year-old's threat

A 16-year-old Hinsdale South student was charged Oct. 5 with six felony weapons charges following threats made to a fellow student of a “Southocaust.”

On Monday, Oct. 3, a student had come forward with information regarding a Snapchat post the minor made that was threatening toward another student.

“This epitomizes the need for parents to be involved and to monitor their children’s social media use,” said Darien Chief of Police Greg Thomas in a release on Oct. 5.

Police went to the youth's home in Darien and found evidence of firearms, knives, explosive devices and a Nazi uniform in their home were found in the home. While the juvenile’s name can’t be disclosed as he or she is a minor, he or she was charged with one count of possession of an explosive or incendiary device (a Class 1 felony), two counts of unlawful use of a weapon (a Class 3 felony), three counts of possession of firearms without a FOID card (a Class 3 felony) and two counts of disorderly conduct (a Class 4 felony). The severity of the situation came to a surprise to many of the students at Hinsdale South.

Knives, firearms and explosives were found at the juvenile's house.
“It’s crazy to think something like that was happening at my school,” said Namit Sambare, junior from Hinsdale Central. “Unfortunately, stuff like this has been in the news, but I never thought it could affect me at my school.”

The District emphasizes a need for safety precautions, whether that be assuring students feel comfortable at school or parents monitoring social media activity. They acknowledge the fact that with fear in our classrooms, teachers can’t teach and students can’t learn.

"Obviously, schools are very concerned about these things because safety is our paramount concern," said Hinsdale High School District 86 Superintendent Bruce Law. “[This time], a horrible tragedy [has] been averted.”


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