Student Directs and Edits Music Video Story and page By Andrew Velarde

She switches the camera to on, she powers the lights on and she sets her shot. She has done this multiple times in class but this time she is doing it on her own. She starts the recording and gets the best shot she can get.

On March 20 senior Lauren Knox released a music video that she shot and edited for the song “Crazy Bout U”. This is the first music video that she has created and did this to build her portfolio.

“The main inspiration for the video was for the audio to match the visuals,” Knox said. “Since the song is called “Crazy Bout U” I wanted a whole lot of crazy shots and cuts to embody what the viewer was listening to.”

Knox is a part of the advanced audio visual class where they make different videos. She is also a state champion in UIL and has won twice, once this year and once last year.

“Whenever Asher came on to the set once we started going through my ideas he started to build off my ideas,” Knox said. “You can see in the video it starts normally but as the video builds and builds it gets more crazy.”

Knox after high school instead of going to college wants to go straight into film making. Her plans are to get more experience instead of sitting in a class and gaining more knowledge.

“Well I met Asher while he was skating and I saw that he made music and after I checked out his music I got inspired to do a music video,” Knox said. “Once I asked him we were both excited to get the process started.”

Over the summer Knox plans to shoot different wedding videos as a way to earn both money and experience. Other students also are taking the opportunity to use their skills outside of class Morgan Craft and Miles Hill will both be shooting wedding videos during the summer for clients.

“With a music video a lot of editing skills are needed rather than filming; it helps knowing what to film and to be able to film well,” Knox said. “The most important skill needed is audio synching because it's so annoying whenever you have a music video and the audio does not match the video.”

Creating a music video requires several different types of skills that are different from other types of videos.

“One of my favorite parts was just getting to do a music video since I have never done it before,” Knox said. “My other favorite part was I got to bond with my film crew and the musicians and they helped me make the video better.”

All Photos By Lauren knox