Domain Eukarya Classification and Taxonomy (1st period)

Kingdom Animalia

all animals are heterotrophs

Alligators are a type of animal called reptiles

Kingdom Plantae


Created with images by James St. John - "Sphoeroides testudineus (checkered pufferfish) (San Salvador Island, Bahamas)" • lorenz.markus97 - "Insect" • Josch13 - "tree frog anuran frog" • rafido - "eye alligator reptile" • CarmenQueasy - "Alligator" • skeeze - "swamp wallaby kangaroo standing" • prilfish - "Frogfish - Antennarius pictus" • jkirkhart35 - "Henricia leviuscula - Pacific Blood Star" • bobistraveling - "Polar Bear AnanaNC Zoo Asheboro NC 4495" • Pezibear - "person human child" • congerdesign - "strawberry snail tape worm" • Mattias F - "USA_2016-145" • phylofigures - "1741-7007-5-7-1"

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