World War 1 By Lilian chindavong

America's Entry Into The War:

Some root cause of the war were Alliances, imperialism, militarism and nationalism

Imperialism was a root cause because many countries wanted to get land from colonies far always for their own benefit. Britain having the largest empire, other countries wanted colonies for themselves.

alliances caused problems because France joined Britain and Russia forming the allies and Germany joined with Austria Hungary and Italy forming the central powers.


President Wilson wanted to distance the U.S from world war 1 by issuing proclamation of neutrality, his policy was consistent with Americas traditional policy of avoiding European entanglements.

America Enters The War and Mobilization

The U.S started to draft men into the army, requiring women to work in factories, and rationing citizens’ food

For mobilizing the workforce, they now had women working in factories and doing other jobs while the men were out fighting in the war. They rationed the food so that there would be more for the military .


Trench warfare, a form of military conflict in which opposing sides fought one another from trenches helped them get victory because they were like hidden underground and had different like tunnel trenches. The invention of tanks and fighter jets, along with poison gas helped lead the winning team to victory.

Post War

The treaty of Versailles officially ended world war 1, placing full blame on Germany on top of pay $33 billion to Allied Powers. However, their economy was war based, and they had trouble paying off this debt.The treaty also demands Germany turn over Alsace-Loraine to France and surrender oversea colonies. Their military was also prohibited from being too big, nor can they import weaponry or build submarines;


After World War 1 The Red Scare had begun, it was a period of time of paranoia that the Bolshevik Revolution would erupt in the U.S, the biggest fear was that a communist revolution might occur in the U.S.

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