American Dream

George and Lennie are different from other ranchers because they have a goal on what they want to do. Most say they want to accomplish getting land but they never do. They also travel together. Farmers never travel together because it is too much. The farm represents family and a dream. They have thought about having a farm all this time and they want it to be perfect.


The bunkhouse at the ranch is a very small condensed shed-like place where about 8 of the men of the workplace sleep. It still had a comfortable feeling. This compares with the setting of the first chapter of the book because it is a gloomy, vintage, and a feeling of not home, just a place to stay until they can get home. This could suggest that the life of the ranch is not homey, but it is kind of depressing, and the men are just trying to get by. George lies to the boss about his relationship with Lennie because he does not want the boss to maybe separate the two. He also lies because he did not want to start any confusion as to why they were traveling together. This is justified by him defending Lennie and answering all of Curley’s questions for Lennie. After Curley says “well, I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy. I just like to know what your interest is” George responds and says, “He’s my…cousin. I told his old lady I’d take care of him.”


Curley is a passive aggressive man who uses his power to try and intimidate the other men on the ranch. He picks a fight with Lennie because he feels intimidated by him. George doesn’t want Lennie to even come in contact with Curley because he knows that Curley will start a fight and pick on him. He doesn’t want to get kicked off the farm so they want to keep a distance. I think it was good advice because if they want to stay on the farm and make enough money for their own farm then they don’t want to get into any trouble. “If he tangles with you, Lennie we’re gonna get the can. Don’t make no mistake about that.”


Crooks represent loneliness because he is being segregated. He wants to be included because he feels that every man should have someone to confide in. Candy also represents loneliness because he has just lost his only friend. Carlson killed his dog and he is now sad and depressed. Crooks will eventually gain a friend through Lennie because he is there to listen to him. Candy will eventually accept the fact that he can get another puppy and raise him.

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