Ann Arbor Street photography with a twist

Saturday, CameraMall hosted this great event with classes, camera services and even had a camera buyer there to purchase used gear! I had three reasons to go. First off I got to hang out with some great friends and meet a couple that really I've only had web contact with. Secondly The street photography photowalk that Mike Beoning hosted. Last but not least sell off the remainder of my Canon Gear (Couple lenses that I was still holding on to)

Ok, So my wife likes to give me a hard time about taking way more camera gear than I actually need. I decided; "Ok I'm going to used just my 8mm Fisheye but I'll bring a fast prime as well" (come on now.. its only two lenses!) Now I had this plan to travel super light! Unfortunately I was running late and had to haul my bag (with those canon lenses in it) with me on my walk anyways! haha! None the less I only used the one lens, The Olympus 8mm Fisheye F1.8. I gotta say I truly enjoyed shooting with this glass!!!!

The Day started out for me with a little bit of hip shooting. This got me used to what the angle of the lens would change the look of the image.
Keep Scrolling!
Not all art starts out as art.
Such wonderful Sculptures here!
Check out Jamie MacDonald's Website!
I love all of the sculptures in Ann Arbor!

Jerry James is from the west side of the state. You can normally find him near a light house or doing portraits on the street.

Derek Matteson of Matteson Designs

Heather of Mitten Media rocking out her new Pen-F

The architecture with the fisheye gives a whole different perspective.
Oh the Light!!!!
Could the colors be any better!?

Jamie realized that using my fisheye was good idea!

It's the Attack of the Cube! Run Jamie!

The walk was over and it was time to sell this canon gear. Back to CameraMall to check out all the goodies and get an idea of what I wanted to use for the store credit!

Mike Amico was here representing Olympus! Always a good time seeing this guy!

I came out pretty well with using just the Fisheye to shoot with. I actually didn't even take out my back up prime lens to shoot that day. As for my canon gear I'm sure it'll find a good home and someone will enjoy using the lenses. As for me.. I'm staying Mirrorless and Olympus! Thanks for reading about my fun adventure this weekend!


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Seth Duimstra

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