Photosynthesis and Cellular Repreation By Lindsey Brace By LindseY Brace

Photosynthesis is a process in which a plant gets its energy from the sun and water.

Photosynthesis is when a plant uses the energy from the sun and the water from the earth and turns it into its food through the chlorophyll and chloroplasts in the plant.

Chlorophyll is the outer shell of the chloroplasts and they are what makes the plant green. The sun is what makes the chlorophyll excited.

Stoma is like a little mouth in the plant eating up the CO2 in the air. This CO2 is transformed into Oxygen which then is breathed out of the plant and into the air for humans and animals to breath.

Cellular Respiration is when a plant breathes in CO2 (carbon dioxide) and breathes out O2 (oxygen).

O2 is oxygen which is what a plant breathes out. There is not just oxygen in the air, there is Nitrogen too, a lot of it. There is more Nitrogen in the air than there is oxygen!

Stored energy is ,well, STORED ENERGY!!! This energy is from the sun and most of it is used but some of it stays and when an animal eats that plant, it gets the stored energy and it uses most of that stored energy. When a bigger animal eats that animal it gets that animals stored energy, and so on.

This stored energy is also known as ATP.

Sunlight is stored in plants and makes the chlorophyll excited.

Water is brought up through the roots and into the plant to calm down the chlorophyll.

CO2 is a gass that is taken in by the stoma and turned into oxygen.

Glucos is what is in the plant leaves and stem and what the chlorophyll is "flouting around" in. It is also known as C6H12O6.

The End


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