The Night the White Deer Died By: Gary Paulsen

Genre: Fiction or not real.

Setting: This book takes place in New Mexico n real time.

Author Bio: Gary Paulsen is a very distinguished author and he has 3 Newbery awards. He was born on May 17, 1939 in Minneapolis, MN. As a young boy Gary snuck out of the house to play which led to his attempted kidnapping the kidnapper was stopped when his mother appeared and beat the man to death. He also nearly went over a dam in the Philippines while swimming.

Summary: This book is about a young 15 year old named Janet Carson. Janet often has a reoccurring nightmare of a young indian man trying to shoot a solid white deer across a moonlit pool of water but just as the arrow reaches the middle of the pool it freezes mid-air and she wakes up. Later on she meets a old alcoholic indian named Billy Honcho who befriends Janet and then learns of her nightmare and helps her come to realize that it is much more than a nightmare.

Character descriptions.

Janet Carson: She is a 15 year old girl and is portrayed to a very attractive in the book. The only people she is really close to is her mother and an old Indian chief named Billy Honcho.

Billy Honcho: Billy used to be an Indian chief many years ago. He is much much older than Janet. They first meet in the plaza when billy asked her for a dollar to buy wine with. The reason he wanted wine is that he is a alcoholic. After a couple more times of seeing him Janet eventually falls in love with him.

Theme: The theme of this book is just a sort of a historical narrative. Because it tells a fictional story but it incorporates this by including Native Americans.

Primary Conflict: The main conflict in this story is the nightmare that Janet has of the Indian man trying to shoot the white deer with a bow.


"Find me a brick, and I'll label it art, and we will see if we can get 10 dollars for it..."

"From these people you want recognition?"

"She wanted to call out but no sound came, only the tears."

Important Words

1. Haughty- superior or disdainful.

2. Buckskin- The hide if a male deer.

3. Degrading- Loss of self respect.

4. Spry- Active or lively.

5. Exasperated- intensely or quickly

Book Evaluation

I would recommended this book to any one who likes historical fiction. If I were to rate it on a scale of 1-10 I would give it an 8. The reason it isn't a 10 is because it's kind of slow and almost boring in some parts of the book. It is also not a very long book but for the length it has it has good quality so I would incourage anyone to read this book.


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