Portfolio Presentation a Focus on Adult learners

Teaching Topic: How to create a syllabus

The objective is to create a syllabus based on what I've learned from the class readings and from my own review and critique of other instructor's syllabi.

Teaching Style: I presented my syllabus in an interactive session that solicited feedback and opinions from the class.

Evaluation Method: Students were asked to rate the effective of the syllabus on a scale of 1 to 5 with one meaning Completely Unuseable and 5 meaning well written, clear, and concise. Students who provided scoresĀ of 1 to 3 were asked to elaborate on their ratings.

Introduction: This was my first attempt at creating a full course syllabus. I have never taught before and although I was used to reading various syllabus flavors, I had never thought about the components I would want to include in my own syllabus.

My syllabus was about teaching a 1 week immersion class to teach a second language to healthcare professionals who often come in contact with patients who primarily speak Haitian Creole. Students were involved in lots of group work where they were asked to interact with one another in the new language they were learning. Students were asked to practice the language with their peers and received direct feedback from their peers.


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