Landscape Lilly dunalp

I:Q:What kinds of things do you see in this painting? What else do you see? --In my painting the first thing you see is palm trees. The trees are on a little beach with a nice hammock, the water is behind the trees and then there's nice mountains and a village behind that. Q:How would you describe (the place depicted in) this painting? --I would describe the place as a Hawaiian or Bahamas type setting where like the water is clear and it's nice and cool. Q: How would you describe this painting to a person who could not see it?The painting is set on a beach of palm trees with mountains and water in the background. The mountains have colors all over them from flowers and there are small houses at the bottom of them. There's a couple boats are along the shore lines.

II:Q:What does this painting remind you of?--This painting reminds me of Hawaii and like the suffering movies, it looks calm and sunny. Q:How is this picture different from real life? -- This picture is different from real life because its not as bright as real life and its not a in depth (obviously) also i added some things that weren't in the picture. Q:What interests you most about this work of art?-- What interests me most is how the colors come together and how much detail is in the trees.

III:Q:Which objects seems closer to you? Further away?-- The thing closest to me is the palm trees and the farthest is the mountains with the water in the middle. Q:What can you tell me about the colors in this painting? -- The colors are cool underneath but the top layers are a mix of color with pops of warm colors. Q: What color is used the most in this painting?-- The most used colors is blue, its in the ocean, sky and theres some on the mountains and in the trees.

IV:Q:What title would you give to this painting? What made you decide on that title?-- The title i would give this painting is "Hawaiian Dream" because it has that island feel to it. Q:What sounds would this painting make (if it could)?-- I think this painting would make beach sounds, like water, birds and breezes. Q:What do you think is happening in this painting? What else could be happening?-- Whats happening in this painting is that someone on vacation wanted to save the memory of the beach so they took a picture. Or it could be the view from someones eyes of their home.

V:Q:What do you think is good about this painting? What is not so good? -- I think the coloring of this painting is good and how it all came together. I think the way the waves turned out was bad. Q:What do you think is worth remembering about this painting?-- I think what the painting represent is worth remembering like the beauty of nature. Q:Why do you think other people should see this work of art?-- I think other people should see this painting because not many people get to see beaches and how beautiful they.

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