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Prodigy is the annual techni­cal fest organized by UPES ACM. Through this fest, the chapters strive to create interest and enthu­siasm among students for innova­tion and creativity in the field of in­formation technology. Participants are expected from all over India, and from a majority of colleges within Dehradun.

Prodigy’17 comes with an adventurous and buzzing theme of The Game of thrones, encompassing within itself a wide variety of technical events and workshops. The technical fest is going to be a splendid one this time because it has several exciting events with a blend of fun and fear making the intellectuals taste the flavor of high edged competition.

The Grand Maester

Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the Universe or pursue a successful career; Programming, today has become an essential skill. And the Competition is equally tough. You might have the knowledge to ascend to the top. But do you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Programmer?

In the Darkness of the Night, over a period of 2 Days, an online rampage will begin. Your MIND will be strained, your BODY battered and your SKILLS put to the Ultimate Test. To find out, once and for all, who is the Greatest among the Great!

Fight your battle in GRANDMAESTER- The International Coding League this PRODIGY and flaunt your skills by making it to the top.

You Know Nothing


-Petyr Baelish

Game of thrones fan? Come unfold the mystery of game of thrones and win exciting prizes this PRODIGY. Participate in “You Know Nothing” an online event where you need to find the link between the images using the given tagline and a few hints; though the hints come at the cost of your score.

Not just that, the mystery darkens as the event proceeds further to the second round with the top 20 participants of the first round.

Dance of Dragons

Dance of Dragon is a two-day gaming event of your favourite titles, Counter Strike 1.6 and FIFA 14.

With exciting prizes and exalting competition, this one is an adrenaline delight!

D.O.D. (FIFA 14), a team event where the team with the higher score in each match proceeds ahead in the tournament.

D.O.D. (Counter Strike 1.6), with DUST 2 map will be team of 5 that will span over 10 rounds with the sides changing after the fifth with the round-winners moving to the next level.

Master of Coins

Does the business world captivate you? For all you business savvy folk, Let the Games Begin! MASTER OF COIN is a two-round, team event where your trade acumen will be put to the test.

The first round will be a quiz on everything Business, from the top CEO's to the recent mergers. The leading teams will be shortlisted for the next round.

In the final round, teams will be given case study of a company, with constraints and targets. At the helm will be the teams, with control over the production, inventory and finances of the business. This will be a solution-focused round, where the efficiency and profitability of the 'company' will decide the winner.

Merchant of Bravos

Do you have the attitude and the mindset to show what Entrepreneurship truly is? Do you think your idea is the best one can have? Or should we say, is it worth funding for? Prodigy ’17 brings to you the perfect combination of intelligence, creativity and analysis with “Merchant of Braavos.” This is your chance to be the most powerful and the wealthiest of the Free Cities!

The event will consist of three rounds: Aptitude- The quiz to check your thinking ability with questions of quantitative and qualitative analysis. Present an Idea/Bidding- Wake the entrepreneur in you and present the idea to outshine others and get the maximum bid. Auction- Put yourself in the driver’s seat and be the investor. Bid on the ideas presented by others, and get as close as you can get to victory.

Smiths of Valyria

Passionate about creativity and designing? You are at right place show off your passion. Give your talent a way, and design a web page out of your creativity in Smiths of Valyria. A site outlining challenge in which the member needs to just design the fundamental html site utilizing CSS, JavaScript,.net ,HTML, XML and jQuery. The member will be given 5 hours to alter the format as per the subject provided. The member can just utilize notepad++ and wonderful/IDE content and present an entire website.

The Unsullied

Is your knowledge of computers flawless?

Prodigy’17 brings you The Unsullied where we test how much you really know, in two exhilarating rounds. Exploit your knowledge on five categories. Pick two teammates to fight.

Following the theme of Game of thrones everyone is on their own in the first round. Each member answers ONE question from each category. TOP 8 teams move onto the next round.

Don’t forget now your flaws will be out in the open for other teams to take advantage of. The second round is all about smart play. There will be three sets with 5 sub-divisions standing for each category. Two pools A and B will divide the teams in the ratio 4:4 and each pool will send forward the last one standing, after they all have battled it out one on one, for the Finale.

Master of Whispers

Master of Whispers is a team-based quiz event encompassing questions from the latest in tech and news around the world. The event brings a twist to the normal form of quizzing by having the following procedure for answering questions:

Each round, only one of the pre-designated team members can directly listen to the question and answer it. If he/she is able to answer correctly, the team is awarded a point and then he/she must mouth the answer to his team-mate sitting opposite to him, who would be listening to loud music on earphones, thereby making it very hard to judge the answer. If the listener is able to guess correctly within three attempts, the team also receives massive bonus points. The team with the most points when the rounds finish wins.

Watchers of the Wall

The Watchers of the Wall, comes with a board full of challenges. The game begins by granting access to only one of the challenges while all others remain inaccessible. The first team/individual to solve that challenge gets an access to the next challenge, which becomes the new lead question. Each challenge is worth certain points, and the team with most points at the end of time limit, wins.

Challenges would be in the form of security vulnerabilities and puzzles.

So, get ready to spot the vulnerabilities and make use of your creative juices to win drool worthy prizes.

3 Eyed Raven

Your vision changes when you start approaching photography seriously. You may never see things the same way again.

Prodigy’17 brings an exclusive platform for all the photography enthusiasts to showcase their savvy in 3 Eyes Raven. In this event, participants have to click 10 pictures from any camera out of which 6 will be from the ongoing events (minimum2 Tech and 2 non Tech events). The 2 out of rest 4 pictures will be of college campus and other 2 comprise of 1 selfie and 1 depicting the shadow effect. Also, no picture should be edited and the marking will be done according to 1-10 scale.

So, all photographers -Compel your audience, Capture the moment, and Light with purpose because Prodigy is coming

Eminent Speaker Program

Get a chance to meet professionals from the industry in a one of its kind session. Get an inside account of how the industry works, what skill sets are essential for survival, and get to know about the dynamic nature of the IT world. Also with the Q&A session, get your queries resolved from the professionals of today’s world.

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