Amendment 4 By: Ariel Gregor

Amendment 4: Search and Seizure

Amendment 4, search and seizure, is a very important amendment that established many rights to the people of the U.S. According to this amendment the people have a right to refuse anyone who wants to search their home. Unless that person has a warrant stating they may, the person can refuse to let them in.

Real Life Examples:

1.) If a man is visited by a police officer, who wants to search him, but has no warrant. Then, the man has the right to refuse to let him in, until he was a warrant.

2.) If a woman is speeding down a road, and is pulled over by a police officer. Only if the police officer confronts her about the speeding first, then asks to search her car, she has to let him.

3.) If a man refuses an officer into their home, and the officer leaves. However, if the officer comes back the next day, and they have a search warrant, the man is obligated to let them in.

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