Being 15 in India Bianca perez 8th hour

This is the Breath taking India. Home to 1.2 billion people. It is in south west Asia. Southern India has much access to the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. And it is is 1.26 million miles squared.
Being 15 in India is stressful yet fun, because of the major pressures of school and being able to just talk to your friends and escape.
Schooling in India is very stressful, because if you don't do well you will be sent home to become a housewife (Valentine). "Most girls get married at a young age" (Valentine) and still go to school but when they don't do well in school, they are sent home to be wives and do all the house work.
This makes school very stressful, because if you do not well on one test, or homework your whole life will change. And, everyone makes mistakes and just for one mess up their whole lives could change.
This only happens to the girls who get to go to school. "Around 18 million children live and work on the streets"(Rulz-Grossman).
So, not only do they have to be stressed out by school they also must be grateful for their stress, because they are the girls who are lucky enough to go to school. The pressures of school really get to them. This was why school was stressful for young girls in India.
Although most Indian teens live very different lives than us, we are still more like than you think. We talk to our friends and socialize just like them.
Most girls who go to school go to boarding school if they want a better education (Valentine). When they are in the dorms they are just themselves and listen to Bollywood music and just talk with each other (Valentine).
This is the fun part of part of being a teen in India. You just get to talk to your friends, and jam out to some Bollywood hits, it is the best way to unwind and escape.
Being a teen in India is full of pressures provided by school, and your own family. But, there is nothing like just being normal and listening to music and just chatting with your friends to unwind. This provides a bitter sweet emotion in 15 year old girls in India, and in a way a perfect balance.
Through this process of recognizing emotion, I learned that I do not have half as much pressures in my life as young girls in India, but I also learned that we are more alike than I thought.
When I do my finals and do my homework I know that I have to do good or else I don't get to go to college and have good job. But, these young teens in India know that if they do not do well in school they will be sent home to be house wives (Valentine). This really puts my pressure in perspective, because their whole fate relies on them getting good grades. This really opens my eyes to how my schooling is way less stressful than theirs.
I also realized when I was doing my research, that most girls in India are a lot like me. They like to jam out to some good Bollywood hits, and just talk with their friends (Valentine). I too just want to chat with friends and listen to music but it is not Bollywood it is usually more Hollywood. This really makes us more relatable and alike than I thought.
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