Duan's Hunt for Art Harn museum of Art tour

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: When walking through a section about Japanese art, I noticed a set of squeezed cans displayed in the window as it appears in the picture above. At first, I felt a little disrupted to see these tilled modern objects to sit among all the other Japanese artworks that are either ancient or classic. However, after looking more carefully at them, I realized it is the fact that they are made of the most ordinary materials that exist almost everywhere that makes this artwork powerful. Because theses cans seem so approachable to audiences, it is easy for them to relate it to their own lives. On the body of the cans, there are lines of promotion lines in Japanese. Advertisement of similar style still pop up to people's eyes everyday. Therefore, this display serves a perfect role in dragging audiences to their reminiscence of the mid 20th century when these cans were under the spotlights.

Design of the Museum: The Harn Museum of Art has a special section of Asian Rock Garden. The garden is located next to the Cofrin Asian Art Wing and it was designed by a renowned garden designer Hoichi Kurisu. When wondering in the garden, I noticed that it is essentially an open field and tourists can easily look over to the baseball field across the street from it. The baseball sports field forms an interesting contrast with the classic Japanese style rock garden: the most common recreation facility in Western culture (the United States) VS. a common public recreation locale in Eastern culture (Japan). I appreciated this intentional choice of location a lot, because it inspires me to start thinking about the question of what are the difference and common sense in Western and Eastern culture?

"Head of a Young Girl" by Guy Pene du Bois

Art and Core Values: When looking at the painting "Head of a Young Girl" by Guy Pene du Bois, i was deeply attracted by the face of the girl. In my impression, this is a face with calmness and strength. From her properly prepared make-up and warm tone of skin, you can sense the energy and youth of her, but in the same time, her sharp eyebrows and her focused eyesight makes you believe she carries strong will and independence within her heart. I feel personally very relatable to the mindset as I interpreted because I have always been a strong believer in girl power, specifically the kind of girl power that contains both juvenility and determined will.

"Gloucester" by Childe Hassam

Art and the Good Life: When I passed by the "Gloucester" by Childe Hassam, I thought I saw a picture of my natural habitat. I have always been a big fan of living in a historical city that is a little cold, not too massive and a rather quiet. "Gloucester" portrays a small community on the New England coast, which is a peaceful town that meets all my dream about a place to live a good life. From this painting, I see the kind of good life that focuses on spiritual fulfillment instead of economic wealth, the kind of good life that puts true feelings of self ahead of judgmental criterions of the society.

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