Goddam Morons Created by Leah wood

If you ever got out of that bubble and look around, you would be disappointed. I swear to god you would. People throw their goddam garbage everywhere like it's their personal trash can. And then tell someone they care about the planet. They're all phonies. It makes me so goddam depressed. You morons need to wake up. This is our only goddam planet and it is being killed by you sonuvabitches. Christ sake, use a garbage can. No one wants to see your filthy trash, slobs.

People dump garbage and waste into the waters. Poor bastard, can't swim in clean water. Does he even have clean water to drink? I wonder if they have ducks? Where do ducks go if the waters so goddam filthy? People always say they want to help. Those phonies don't do a goddam thing. Everyone should have clean water.

I feel so lonely. That must be how this turtle feels. Trapped in this goddam garbage in the water. I mean I don't really care, its the turtles fault for getting stuck. I'm a good liar, I do care. I really do. You've got to believe me. We need to help them. They're innocent. Animals aren't a bunch of phonies.

Trash isn't the only thing you morons are killing Earth with. Lazy sonuvabitches won't even walk to some nearby place. Using goddam cars. Polluting with all the industrial factories, for Christ sake. Cant see anything in China from the smog those phony morons make with their businesses.

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