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Bleach Brave Souls Spirit Orb [Gem] Farming Guide

Hello everyone! Today, I am going to share with you all the things you can do in Bleach Brave Souls and earn Spirit Orbs(or gems) without any hacking or cheating. Unlike most games, BBS actually is quite lenient with the amount of free gems they give out. That is a good thing because the majority of the players are free to play.

Complete Daily and Weekly Quests

Doing the daily will net you 1 spirit orb. Not much, but it is easy to do!

Clear story quest x3 – You get 3000 coins

Defeat 100 enemies in story mode – You get 5 PvP tickets

Defeat 300 enemies in story mode – You get 5 medium exp crystals

Brave Battle wins x3(PvP) – You get 5 campaign tickets

Brave Battle wins x5(PvP – You get 2 rare medals

Clear Co-op x3 – You get 3000 coins

Upon completion, you get 1 spirit orb.

For the weekly quests, you get 3 spirit orbs upon completion. That makes a total of 4 just playing the game regularly.

I hope this mini guide is able to help you out. I recommend you really give Co-Op battles a try as it can really help you get your 5★ characters a lot quicker.Learn how to get spirit orbs fast using our guide below.

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