Santa Fe Multicultural Club 2018-2019


  • Presidents: Kristine Nguyen and Kathy Ly
  • VPs: Michael Yu and Munira Elgreghni
  • Treasures: Michael Chen and Isabella Liu
  • Social Media: Melinda S. and Leah-Marie Chapman
  • Historians: Trinity Major and Julie Jeon
  • Secretaries: Ethan Ng and Michelle Chen


Cultural Dress Up day organized by a Santa Fe student and Mr. Hayes!

Dia de los Muertos and Thanksgiving potluck! Nov. 16 at 3:30 in the Freshmen Cafeteria

What WE've been up

December: Ice Skating at Mitch Park
Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

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Instagram @sf_mcc

Twitter @SFWolveMCC


  1. Valerie Roberson
  2. Keisha Cole
Created By
Keisha Cole


Created with images by Brett Zeck - "Wooden map of the world with pins" • Juliana Kozoski - "Utopia" • Andrew Haimerl - "Lanterns" • rawpixel - "untitled image" • Nathaniel Tetteh - "Family First" • Natalya - "Make Salsa Not War"

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