Tour of the Harn

A piece of art that stood out to me was this piece made from stoneware. What stood out to me was the extreme detail in the small creases of the piece. They were so small that they reminded me of the flaky crystal structure of the mineral mica. It communicated to me that the artist really understood how to manipulate the material. It made me feel confused as to how it was made.

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The area of the museum shown in the picture below stood out to me because of the wide open area. Everything was spaced out and around the outer edge of the room except two large pieces while large windows showed a garden outside. It was well lit and made me feel like i wasn't confined.

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This welded steel egg with rocks in it stood out to me because I believe having knowledge in building stuff is important. This piece helped me confirm my belief because the museum thought that one of the pieces was soldered together when in reality no solder was used, just welding. This shows that few people actually know anything about technical processes for building.

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This piece depicts the idea that one must immerse themselves in nature to truly have a good life. By having the rock in your house, you could enjoy nature when ever you want. It also expresses the idea that you live your own life because some people may not think this is a pretty piece but if you do that is all that matters.

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