Galaxy space Photoshop Skills Sophie Huang


  • digital graphic design (galaxy space)
  • front image (jungle, mountain)
  • practicing layout
  • learning colour wheel
  • colour combination for the galaxy space
  • use un-copyright images (unsplash,etc)

Initial ideas

For my initial idea is about the galaxy sky with the landscape. to create the galaxy sky to use Photoshop skill and effect, and to recreate landscape and put in front on the galaxy sky, it can show more look like the space, because in my idea is shown to recreate the landscape image and make the combined with galaxy space.


  • Good idea
  • try experimenting with colours
  • how are you going to get the silhouettes
  • what specialist technique are you going to focus on
  • have multiple outcomes about 2 or 3
  • follow tutorial


  • Galaxy: is a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter.
  • un-copyright image: to use uncopyright image rather then use copyright image from google, uncopyright image can get from unsplash or other uncopyright images website.


Their are some links to show my skill working and learning the tutorial, use these skill into my work.

  • link 1:
  • link 2:

Moodboard of Galaxy

At the frist, I need to found the tutorial to study how to use Photoshop create galaxy sky, and also to follow step by step to create the galaxy sky for the draft, and then try to create a new style or other galaxy sky colour.

The work below is I follow to the tutorial to create the galaxy sky, it is so amazing and very helpful tutorial for my skill development. That is the first draft for my galaxy sky, so I need to make the base, get 1 more, 2 more for development and final piece.

For my plan, to think about, on the 2nd piece I would like to add the person's shadow to touch the sky, so I could make the image more illustration.

Galaxy photoshop skill practice:First version of the practice:

  • First version
  • Keep going pratice with different colour for version 2
  • Change the colour and the brush way for version 3
  • Make less colour and and more bright for version 4

Final Piece

  • 1. The first version of my work, I try to use uncopyright image from unsplash(image 1), to use the jungle to be the shadow image, and put the galaxy background I create make it in one(image 2)
image 1
image 2

Final Piece

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