Florida Museum of Natural History Reilly Lord

The Butterfly Exihibit was very peaceful which in the midst of a chaotic museum, caught my attention. The design of the exhibit and flow of the path in the exhibit set a tone of adventure and exploration. From this exhibit I learned that in some cases you must search for the beauty. I thought the butterflies would be every where but I had to look for the butterflies. This was my favorite exhibit!

I was able to experience the land as a member of biotic community as Leapold describes, through the use of historic evidence of others respecting the community as well. As I was going through the museum I couldn't help but want to leave a positive impact on the land as many tribes did and recognize that at this rate our generation will rather have a negative impact. Most of the people in the museum were groups of kids and they were satisfied with the smallest of decorations. The interactive sites,( an example is the caves), allowed for me to truly embrace the museum and connect with nature. This did instill a feeling of guilt and repsonsibility within me.

Underneath this wall of sticky notes reads "share your favorite frog story". By acknowledging the way we partake in nature we are able to gain a better view of the big picture of nature. The frog section helped me realize how much I don't know about these creatures and nature in general. By providing informative walls and pictures I am able to better understand the natural world.

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