my focused future by Felicitas nick

I would like to sell my art and progress further as I go
learn how to stitch and illustrate a children's book
Walk on the great wall of china
I would love to visit japan to admire mount Fuji and ride in a gondola in Venice.
After my french improves, I would like to learn Italian.
I have never been at a concert, so that needs to be done.
Ride on an elephants back
swim with sharks
lay back and see the northern lights
fly in a helicopter and a hot air balloon and watch the tiny world from above
Visit Reykjavik
watch a movie from the car
Paragliding sounds like fun
see the world underwater
visit Endinburgh
Go on a road trip with my friends
maybe pick up a new sport and an instrument
take a picture with a Madame Tussaud wax figure
Hold a koala
See Machu Picchu and look down at the grand canyon
ride a red bus through london
move into my own apartment
Be happy


Created with images by ISchneider - "koala australia koala bear" • Unsplash - "machu picchu mountains south america" • Moyan_Brenn - "Grand Canyon" • Simon_sees - "Hobart Red Tour Bus"

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