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Here's how capable I am

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(the very top videos is my recent work)

Other videos

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Japan) - March 2017

The Anniversary of the City of Surabaya - Mei 2016

Dozens of video company profiles, documentary and short movie - 2012-2016

I also edited most viewed video on VIVA.co.id website, it's likely around 21000 views in just a few hour


note: due the copyright, each video can not be display

My role in the work

Farid was edited several videos a day. Kindly one until four videos including hard news and soft news content, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Farid also making some infographic, short documentary, tech review, automotive review and long-term video content.

In 8 hours a day, Farid has been accomplished one until five videos in several categories. With limited time, Farid able to reach the target with results to meet the standard.

"I worked so quickly because I've to work harder than before. Do better. Talk less"

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Farid Achmad Nur



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