Lousiana By: coOper j.

In the summer, Lousiana is usually 89 degrees.
In the Winter, Lousiana gets cooler at 50 degrees. All around the year Louisiana is humid. 70 degrees is all around temperature average.
The top 3 food products in Louisiana are sweet potatos, milk products, and strawberries.
3 main resources in Louisiana are Crawfish, paper, coal mining.
The two places to visit in Louisiana are Lafayette top, and Baton Rouge

Here are some interesting facts about Louisiana. In Lousiana the state nickname is the Pelican state. The state flower is the Magnolia. The bird of Lousiana is the Eastern Brown Pelican. The state tree is the Bald Cypress. The state seal means Union,Justice,Confidence.

Eastern Brown Pelican

Important events

Lousiana bought territory from the French.

Thursday, April 30, 1812 date of becoming a state.

Peyton Manning, a famous quarterback, is from Louisiana.
Truman Capote is a famous person, who came from Louisiana. He made famous quotes.


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