Spring Break by the ocean By: Emily Perez

Spring Break in Florida is a time to relax, get plenty of sun and hang out in the water. This Sunsets are from Singer Island, where I spent some of my Spring Break. The sunset's are breathtaking, the buildings are tall and the view is unbelievable.

A few close ups in Singer Island. 


2 boys Interaction shots

On the photo to the left, the boy is coming up from the cooling water. On the photo to the right, the boy is playing croquet by the water.

Here is a picture of different signs from a store. These signs talk about life on a beach and I just had to take a picture.

These three photos represent the things that were done at the beach. There was tanning by the pool, tanning by the ocean and fun in the water. I interacted with the ocean, my loved ones and the pool.

My Absolute Favorite Photo. I love the simple beauty of the this Composition. It captures my view for those days on the beach.

Spring on the beach was something I truly enjoyed and wished would've never come to a close. The beach is peaceful, quiet, beautiful, relaxing and a blessing. The beach is the place I will always love the most.

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