Aphrodite's Honeymoon Hotel

Here I (Aphrodite) will take care of you, with my beloved helpers. I created this since I am the goddess of Love, Seduction, and Beauty and I wanted others to experience love.
My business is aimed to help people find a place to stay and to also find an everlasting love. It is mainly for what it says, honeymoons or a get away for couples. Here you can kick back and relax with your favorite person in the world and let the warmth of the sun cover you and let our services help you to feel refreshed and happy along with your love.
~My son Eros is the God of love, and is the doorman ~Zeus (my father) will provide the power ~Dione (my mother) is headmistress of the roomkeepers and "maids" ~The Charites (my daughters) are the bar tenders ~Ares (my date) the protector ~ And sadly (not) Hephaestus (my husband, uhhh...) was demoted to janitor ;-)
Our hotel is on a lovely beach front for you and your lover to can come and simply relax till the day's end
The muses (my step sisters)will be you waitresses and roomkeepers.
Here you can do many activities like beauty contests, judged by Trojan Prince Paris (Just like me! And I won) hot air balloon ride, bingo, a sea foam spa, and more!
My sacred plant symbol is the Beautiful Rose to symbolize love and beauty.
My sacred animal is the dove, since it is an amazing sight to see and has glorious white wings to show case its beauty


Created with images by Madame Tafetán - "Hotel" • cdu445 - "roundtable light interior design" • Foundry - "beach shoreline coast" • White77 - "hot air balloon" • Stewart Black - "Rose"

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