Patryk's Pictures Portfolio of the most current works

"For you, the seed for your next art work lies embedded in the imperfections of your current piece."

- Art & Fear

Flowers Before Death

Photos of different scenes incorporating these wonderfully vivid flowers. Basic composition techniques were employed along side the drastic contrast of the plants and the space they exist in.

Of 1892

A tin type of a building in a cemetery. The process of tin-typing a photograph has to be respected as even the digital version of applying tin type effects is difficult. I would have much preferred to make it through an actual tin type process because it would make the picture more meaningful to me.

Surreal plants

Two photos that show what i believe would be a better world because there's nothing better thanĀ different

Bordeaux, a portrait

Michael Bordeaux is a fellow student of photography who is seen capturing the beauty of the outside world from the inside out.

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