Patryk's Pictures Portfolio of the most current works

"For you, the seed for your next art work lies embedded in the imperfections of your current piece."

- Art & Fear

Flowers Before Death

Photos of different scenes incorporating these wonderfully vivid flowers. Basic composition techniques were employed along side the drastic contrast of the plants and the space they exist in.

Of 1892

A tin type of a building in a cemetery. The process of tin-typing a photograph has to be respected as even the digital version of applying tin type effects is difficult. I would have much preferred to make it through an actual tin type process because it would make the picture more meaningful to me.

Surreal plantas

These photos really emphasize the way that I like to take photos. The subjects are meaningless and through the time that I put in after the shot was taken that made it appear like more. The photos still, however, don't mean anything to me but just look cool which is the most important part of photography for me.

Bordeaux, a portrait



This is the kaleidoscope that i made using one of the surreal pictures that I had. I turned that picture around the central point. I had named it crying to reflect on the random nature of my photos. I was thinking of the sadness that the picture inspired and thought of an action related to it.

This is the forced perspective that I had done with Mike. I enjoyed working with mike to make this picture but it was difficult to work with someone else to construct this photo. It taught me how to work with someone else to work towards a common goal and that its much easier to work with a friend.

I took this photo over vacation as i was thinking about the different types of lighting. The idea was to transcend using the light and to photograph the light itself. This created the black effect over the tree line and the soft orange glow around the sun.

These letter photos were taken earlier in the year. These photos helped train me to see things that were not necessarily made to be seen.

Mike The Mike

This is a picture I took of Mike. He had to stand very still while I walked around taking hundreds of photos. Time, like Mike, stood still that day.

Childhood Memory, Bokeh, Road Sign, Smell, Intrigue

These are the five better thematic photos that I took and they are named after the theme they represent.

Black and White, Wanderlust, Place I've never been, Backlit, Metal

These are the five photos that i think are of lower quality than the other ones. Just like their brethren they are named after their themes.

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