Horses The Most impactful thing on the Conquest of North America

Read more to find out about the most useful animal!

Horses are very useful as transportation.
Horses are often ridden into battle.
Horses are very fast and they could be used for a good surplus of food!

Horses are are very easily trained.

The HorSe was the most important facTor of the conquest of North America.

2 Effects horses had on the conquest of North America were...............

Horses are very helpful for farming because they can pull things like plows to give a food surplus to americans.

Horses impacted dieases because they gave people dieases like salmonellosis, ringworm, anthrax, and brucellosis. Although These dieases were deadly they did not have a huge impact on the americans.

This is why horses are the BEST animals, and were the most useful thing in the conquest of North America.

To this day horses are still very useful, and horses have been very useful throughout the years!!!

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