Dirty Flowers psych hop funk rock

the general vibe

Influenced by a variety of genres including funk, rock, hip hop, dub, jazz and psychedelia, these mean petal-faces are characterised by strong riffs, tight grooves and catchy melodies. Screaming saxophone, wailing guitar solos, heavy bass lines and atmospheric divinity invoke a fun, powerful and exciting energy, made all the more potent by the band's wild and contagious stage presence! But it's not all showmanship; as intense and captivating as they are to watch, their clever lyrics carry depth, wit and cheeky little hooks which grab the balls of your mind, body and soul, making for a complete and exhilarating experience.


a bit of background

Born out of Manchester's jam scene and nurtured by its underground culture, Dirty Flowers were formed in January 2014 when singer/bassist Nathan Barratt needed a band for a one-off gig at the Roadhouse. Since then the band have written numerous songs, busked around Europe, and performed at various events including Equinox Festival, Alchemy Festival, Freekuency Festival (Portugal), Another Fine Fest, Envirolution, The Workhouse Party and Northern Green Gathering; a couple of them multiple times and all but two on the main stage.

Unable to attend, the band have previously been offered slots at Beat-Herder Festival, Nowhere Festival (Spain) and Kendal Calling.


music / videos


the band

Nathan Barratt - vocals / bass

Martyn Jarmin - guitar / bass

Tom Le Cocq - guitar / vocals

Elliot Slater - saxophone

Jennifer Bird - drums




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