Newborn Amy Jo finley PHOTOGRAPHY

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

Sessions take place during the week. Babies are best photographed between the first 9-14 days of life. I ask that you keep baby awake and stimulated for up to 60 minutes prior to session. Giving them a bath, changing clothes, crinkle paper noises usually keeps them awake.

Please feed baby right before you leave for session because a full belly makes for a sleepy baby!

Dress baby in loose fitting onesie with zipper in front, to avoid having to pull anything over their head and to decrease stimulation just before session.

I keep the studio area warm to ensure your little one is cozy and comfortable!

During the session, feel free to sit back and relax! I have a trained assistant knowledgable in newborn posing safety who will be assisting me throughout session.

If you are nursing, be prepared for extra feedings. Bringing a bottle of pumped milk is highly suggested to top off baby. If you are formula feeding, please bring extra bottles so that I may feed baby as needed throughout session. Please bring pacifier( not with lovie attached) to session, even if baby doesn't take one. This helps to settle the baby throughout posing.

Session Workflow

Please set aside 3 hours for your newborn session.

Baby posing usually begins with bean bag then, props. I ask that mom step out during bean bag posing because hearing and smelling mom can make baby fussy and unsettled. After all, it's only natural baby wants to be near you and for you to hold them :). After bean bag posing, I begin props. If my assistant is available, we will continue with the session as planned. If she is not available, I will ask mom to come to spot for safety with props.

If there are older siblings you would like to have photographed with your newborn, these will take place at beginning of session. My wardrobe suggestion for siblings is a solid t-shirt and jeans for boys and a solid top or dress with texture for girls. For moms, a neutral tank/cami with a strapless or clear strap bra will make for an intimate photo with baby. For dads, neutral t-shirt. Black or white photographs best.

After sibling photos, I encourage one of your family members leave with older siblings to do something fun while I pose and style your newborn! For the remainder of the session, it's all about the baby. I will have 2-3 props set up as well as setups for beanbag.

Newborn safety is top priority. I will never put your baby in an unsafe position or place them in any props that could break (e.g. glass jars or bowls) that could cause potential harm.

Number of poses vary according to baby. I am a perfectionist and will take my time to ensure every pose is just right so that your baby looks comfortable and peaceful.

I supply all backdrops, props, outfits. I have a style I like to keep consistent that is more organic and natural. I will try my best to accommodate any special request for photos, but please make your requests known prior to session due to my workflow to maximize your gallery and provide you with as many beautiful images as I can.

Thank you for choosing Amy Jo Finley Photography!

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