The Tale of Abigail

Born as the daughter to the local mortician and news host supermom, my upbringing was anything but usual. With Montana roots and an Irish soul, I journeyed through this life I was given with a strong sense of humor and a heart as tough as the copper the town mined.
Family is my world. I have two younger brothers who are troublemakers, but I would defend them no matter what. Rare photo evidence (from three years ago) shows that we can get along - sometimes.
When our family is as spread out across the nation as we are, family reunions are a must. We traveled to California to Maine to Boston to Montana just to complain about the matching tee-shirts....and bond.

As a restless individual, I love to explore and adventure. Whether it's trips with family, friends, or by myself, the world keeps surprising me.

I try to go one new place and do something that terrifies me at least once a year. Life to me is too short to stay still and safe.

"Guys....this view rocks" -said the only person who laughed.

"I will climb these mountains with my arms wide open"

"I hope you still feel small as you stand beside the ocean..."

At the beginning of this hike we were told it was five miles to a lake. LOL - NOT. It ended up being thirteen miles to a false peek through dead forest that hadn't been cleared of fallen trees. Lesson learned: If you can survive a thirteen mile hike without killing any of your friends and you still want to hang out with them - they are true friends.

I couldn't imagine my life without these wonderful souls I have met along the way.
There's Pheobe the Cow-Girl, Katie the twin, Tori the stubborn, Taryn the Bookworm, Kaitlyn the Krazy, and Sadie the Sassy to start it all off. Then there is Seth and Cody, Maddie and Alicia, Chloe and Carrie, Spencer and Francis.
Together we give the show "Friends" a run for it's money.
Through all the laughs and adventures, I'm so glad I've chosen Carroll as my home for my undergrad years. I can't wait for more memories to be made.


Abigail Dolan

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