Hand Dipped Soy Candles Rosh chodesh

You'll need:

2 tin cans taped together, to create height (we used three different colours so thats 6 tins in total)

Soy wax

Soy wax dye (optional)

Sticks for stiring (optional)

1 medium pan (to boil the wax)

1 large pan (to dip the candles into)

Wicks (or string)

Cold Water

How to:

Fill the tin/s with wax and place in a pan of water. Heat until boiling, turn heat down until wax is melted then turn heat off.

Cut the wick depending on desired length and quickly dip the wick into the melted wax leaving about 15mm at the top un-dipped.

After holding the wick over the top of the tin for a few seconds to drip, transfer over to the pan of cold water and submerge for around 10 seconds.

Repeat this process many times until you have added enough layers to create the width you'd like for your candle.

After dipping many times with the same colour we then changed to a different colour. Creating an ombre effect.
We then carved patterns into our candles, revealing the layers of colours.

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