General Motors sam daggett, Siminona STefanakova, Ryan Mullen, Jacob Cote, Cameron JOudi

What are GM's Core Competencies?

  • Supply Chain Management and an expansive network of 20,000 dealers (General Motors Strategic and Operational Overview, 2016)
  • Strategic alliance with Honda Motors (General Motors Company, 2017)
  • Capacity utilization (CSIMarket, 2017)

Demand Shifters

  • Eco-friendly
  • Fully Electric
  • Fuel Cell powered Vehicles
  • "In 2030 the share of electrified vehicles could range 10%-50% for new vehicle sales" (Gao, Kaas, Mohr, & Wee, 2016)
  • "Adoption rates will be highest in developed, dense cities with stricter emission regulations and consumer incentives" (Gao, Kaas, Mohr, & Wee, 2016)

Proposed Strategy

  • R&D of New Fuel Cell Powered Truck
  • Genesis areas: California & New York

Fruition of the Project

  1. SWOT/ Bivariate
  2. Acquiring Workhorse
  3. Investing Internally in R&D for Fully Electric Truck
  4. Investing Internally in R&D for Fuel-Cell powered Truck

Cost and Benefits

  • R&D expenses present value of $710 million
  • Year 5 begin initial sales in target markets
  • Operating profit present value after the R&D and sales period of 10 years of $1.05 billion
  • NPV $318 million
  • IRR 16.6%

Looking to the Future

  • Fuel cell cars and trucks cut emissions over 30% (, 2017)
  • California which is a home to 34 public hydrogen fueling stations (Durbin, 2017)
  • Joint venture with Honda to mass produce advanced hydrogen fuel cell systems (Priddle, 2017)

Executive Summary

  • Research
  • Retooling
  • Production
  • Sales


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