Life Lessons Kaiden kyle robert casey finals

Mocking bird

A mocking bird would remind scout of tom Robinson. like a mocking bird all tom does is try and help people and be kind to others.And as atticus says its a sin to kill a mocking bird. as it is not right that tom was convicted of a crime he didn't do.

Indian head coins

the indian head coins would remind scout of boo radley. it shows how kind boo really is. and not the monster every one says he is. and how beautiful old things can be.

A coke bottle

the coke bottle would remind scout of the old man who is married to a black women. and how he explains how he pretends to be drunk only to defend and explain why he has said lifestyle. as he see's it futile to try and change someones point of view.

The Court House

the court house would remind scout. of the injustice put upon tom Robinson.and how sometimes people dont do the right thing

Tim johnson

He would remind scout. that you have to do what you have to do even if you dont like it. atticus had to shoot Tim in order to stop his pain.


Greek pillar

the pillar will remind me of when we read odyssey. which taught me that you cant give up on something even if it is hard.


i read this first semester. it was the first book i read this year. it is my second favorite book. and showed me that life is not always what it seems.


i will remeber my time in personal fitness with all of the weights i had to lift. and all the push-ups and benches and hank ling. and the squats and jumping jacks. it taught me how to adapt and depend on myself

Blue scarf

the blue scarf reminds me of Spanish. we always listened to a song about a blue scarf in that class.i am not going to miss the homework that we had every. it taught me you have to see things through


the earth will remind me of the times i had in science. the labs,the experiments and the worksheets. and the laughs we had in that class. i will miss it very much next year. it taught me about science and how to read instructions more thoroughly.


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