Barter Theater Presents Footloose: the musical

Barter Theatre, of Abingdon, Virginia Presents Footloose: The Musical

Productions begin Friday, May 19th through Saturday August 12th. There will be a total of 55 productions shown throughout the summer 2017 on various days. Footloose: The Musical will be on the Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre, located at: 127 W. Main Street, Abingdon, VA 24210

The musical Footloose first hit the scene in 1998, based on the 1984 film. Grounded from a true story, Footloose is the portrayal of love, rebellion, and rhythm. At age 17 Ren McCormack, the main character is faced with a challenge that proves change fosters growth.

“One of the most explosive movie musicals to burst onto the stage in recent memory!” – Paul Russell, Director, Footloose: The Musical.

Footloose tells a story of self-awareness during change, portrayed through rebellion and young love. Ren, the main character, is a 17 year from Chicago who ends up in a small conservative town, Bomont. Upon arrival Ren is treated as an outsider for his love of rock-n-roll and dancing, which in Bomont is considered “criminal activity”. Ren has to find a way to make dancing a legal activity again or loose the he’s falling in love with, Ariel Moore, daughter of the towns reverend.

So we ask you and your family to come and enjoy our production. Our goal is to have you living in the music, while understanding the deeper meaning. Theatre has a very powerful effect on people. If you are not romanced by a performance, you will learn to appreciate them. Here at Barter Theatre we want to bring a bond for those who love the arts and those who appreciate the arts.


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