Death preparations and mourning By JenNa huffman

The Start

Back in the Victorian Era, mourning became huge when the Queen lost her husband, Albert. She took to deep mourning and her subjects followed her.

Mourning Women

Women in mourning in the Victorian Era were heavily dressed in black, having to stay that way for at least two years. Even though there wasn't set rules many people followed common mourning practices and rules while some didn't even partake in the practice.

Body snatching

After all the funerals and burials happened, sometimes that wasn't the end for the departed. During the Queen Victoria's reign, body snatching was more common that thought. Mostly by surgeons and medical schools.


Along with body snatching, there was a lot of superstitions that surrounded death and funerals that no longer are at large but some people are still the superstitious type.


Created with images by Tim Green aka atoach - "The Coffins' Grave" • Fæ - "Fashion Plate (Walking Dress) LACMA M.83.161.189" • Ephemeral Scraps - "Death and the Antiquaries"

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