Water Scarcity in Morocco! Nmae: Aneika Ameduri teacher: Miss Yeo

Physical scarcity is when it's really not there and your not touching it.

Economic scarcity is when there is a problem with the humans needs and wants. Also they are desperate for it.

The dessert

The official name for Morocco is the kingdom of Morocco. There's over 32 million people that live in Morocco so there is not a lot of them. Morocco is known for there poor country. The things that cause Water Scarsity over there is the climate because it's very hot and the money. Morocco don't have a viriaty of things, they don't have crops, much animals, plants, and people because of there poor country.


The climate graph

The cimate in Morocco is very different in all different months.

In Morocco they have factors of ditribution and a lot of it. They suffer from the lack of technology and culture and most of all money, money comes into it because to buy technology you need money.

Morocco suffers from diseases we have never heard from because of there lack of water (water scarcity). Also there inviroment is polluted so there's why they don't live long. Believe or not they actually do have plants but it's polluted and they do have some green Land around Morocco but in the end the plants die from the pollution. They have very little of food like bread, filthy water.

In Morocco they have to dig holes to find water because there is none anywhere else.It takes them so long because they need to get water for everyone and if it's for everyone then each person gets a little amount. They are desperate so they would do anything to get water if it's filthy or not. They also find wells around with diseased water.

What they do to get water

For there culture they have to wear clothes covering there hole body so that will make them feel worse in the heat. They dig and dig till they find rivers and ponds for them to drink out of.

This is the map of Africa.

The reason why I picked Morocco is because it has green land but not any water and the worst part is its sending through diseases in Morocco.

Here are some photos related to Morocco

Morocco has not got a lot of water they only have water when it rains and that's not often. They find water in rivers and lakes that are diseased we have a lot of water so we need to continue and be lucky to have water because we aren't desperate they are.

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