re-open the skies & save lives

A platform for collaboration, innovation and sharing sensitive data

During the COVID-19 crisis we need freedom of people flows.

A platform that helps air transport towards the new normal. The OpenGate platform enables sharing personal, health and location information between border control, air travel and health systems on a global scale.
Ensuring Privacy
Restore Confidence in flying
Enable Health & safety
OpenGate is one of the top 30 most impactful winners of the EUvsVirus Hackathon! We are committed to reopening the airspace and saving lives. SAS provides the go-to-market acceleration, advanced analytics & AI solutions and scale-up support we need.

We are proud to support OpenGate for touchless and safe travel with advanced analytics & AI


We are joining forces


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Next generation AI-powered trusted Identity as a Service.

Let’s innovate ourselves out of this crisis and join forces, because we’re stronger together.

Please join us in this OpenGate platform

Harm Jan Arendshorst

CEO and founder iLabs Technologies

Arthur de Crook

Director SAS D[N]A Lab