Should the ivory ban be lifted By: BRIDGET WU

Standing next to me is my mother, an african elephant. Beyond what we could see was a poacher trying to hunt. Minding our own business a gun shot immediately struck my mother. I ran to the furthest point where I could still see my mom and still not be seen. As the poacher cut through the only person I could count on, I fell to the ground.

Elephants are one of the biggest animals alive on the planet still not extinct, but they are on the verge of becoming extinct. The top reason that this problem is happening is poaching.

Poachers kill the elephants for only one reason, their tusks which is made of a material called ivory. Ivory is made into different cultural items. Some of which include bracelets, necklaces, decor, etc. Most ivory buyer has no clue about what is behind the jewelry they are buying, so ivory is not something people (NEED) to live. Also if poaching was stopped there still would be a significant amount left from the elephants dying naturally.

Others say that poaching is a natural resource for most people in Africa. Without poaching there would be no more natural resources the relie on. On the other hand if they kill the elephant to extinction there would be nothing to relie on. Again if no poaching existed there still would be a decent amount of ivory left.

They can relie on when elephants die naturally and then sell them. So therefore they can keep the elephants safe until they pass away. They may also get paid by working for the foundation or by the goverment.

Extinction sould not be faced with these elephants who would never harm us. Again most people who are ivory buyers don't know the story behind the ivory. So we educate more poeple to tell them the truth about ivory. We can also participate the ivory destruction event symbolizing the cruelty behind every peice of ivory. Many countries has participated in the destruction of the tusks.

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