Thirty-Five Thirty-five Gems for My Two Sons

I hope that one day my sons will find this.

There is indeed one Supreme Being — God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit…for others, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha,… Different names perhaps… but there’s indeed one Supreme Being and He is our Father and He loves us.

Have a strong faith in God for nothing is impossible with Him.

Respect other people’s choice of religion. Religion doesn’t define who’s good and who’s not.

Fire is to Gold as Pressure is to Diamond as Adversity is to Man. One day, life will make you comprehend what this means.

People matter over matters.

Let your greatness be defined by your goodness and kindness to everyone and everything that breathes, not by wealth nor fame nor power.

Marry only one woman. Then love only the woman whom you’d marry.

Your father has been an excellent Daddy to both of you. That should be more than enough for your future children to also have a great Dad!

We are not only beneficiaries of Mother Nature; we are created as stewards of all God’s creations.

It is OK to rest sometimes. Be kind and gentle to yourselves.

Expect that you will commit mistakes. Once you do…admit and correct them then avoid doing them again.

Love your brother and be there for one another…all the time!

Your Daddy and I have been doing our best to build a strong foundation for you. It will be up to you what and how you will build on it.

The universe does not have a centre. This means you are not the centre of the universe.

Keep your feet on the ground (figuratively). You can literally climb up a tree if you want to. But keep your feet on the ground. Humility, that is.

You are unique. Based on the standards set by any society, you might either be better or less than the others…don’t bother too much about it. You are unique.

You are and will always be special to me and to your Daddy. I hope that’s more than enough for your self-esteem.

Everbody’s unique. Respect. It’s all about respect.

You might want to be a doctor or engineer or farmer or builder or truck driver, etc.. Choose to be any of those but please be a good man always.

The best opportunity that life will present to you is the opportunity to help. Always grab it.

At one point or another in your life, you will need help. Be humble and wise enough to ask for it.

You have always been blessed and you will always be. Share your blessings. Pass them on.

Your Daddy and I have been educating you since you’re very little. Therefore, you have no reason to act like uneducated. Being well-mannered and politeness are the keys.

Find ways to explore the world without spending too much money.

You might be able to afford a huge house. Don’t let it define you. It’s how you treat everyone who knocks on your door or who enters your house that will define you.

Life can be unfair. So do your best to be fair to everyone.

Life itself can be tough. So be gentle to yourself and to everyone.

Pray. Don’t just recite prayers. Talk to God the way you talk to your best friend.

Be yourself. But in the process of being yourself, never harm nor hurt anyone else.

Live. Let live.

When you have to, let go and let God.

I trust you.

I love you so much.

Again, I love you.

In case you’ve already forgotten, I LOVE YOU!
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