Art 1 Semester 1

This was drawn with oil pastels. This gives me a feeling of falling. It has organic and geometric shapes. I like how the triangles look like they're popping out.
This is a closer up picture of my oil pastel drawing.
This is one of my graffiti designs. I tried to make the inside of the letters match the broken CD.
This is one of my first gesture drawings, I like it because it shows a feeling of movement.
Here is another one, but with less movement.
This oil pastel drawing makes me feel warm and happy. It is based off of the emotion love. I used value descriptively and expressively.
These are also other emotions. I used more lines and shapes to create a variety of textures and patterns.
This is my self portrait, it is a pencil drawing. It makes me happy because it turned out better than i thought it would. I used variety of techniques to create a range of values.
This is a practice portrait drawing that I drew. I really focused on values on the face.
I drew this picture for celebrating the day of the dead. I wanted it to give off a feeling of joy. The color makes it more interesting to look at.
This is a drawing of a broken skull. I like this drawing because it shows lots of different shades. It also varies the character of line such as thickness, length, width, color, and texture.
This sphere I drew shows lots of shape. I like it a lot because it actually looks like its rounded and has a shadow.
This is a nose I drew to practice different values and shape.
This is my graffiti that I photo shopped. I used contrast in design elements to create visual interest.
This is my paper sculpture. It was really fun to make. I really like these pictures, and their different colors. I used different techniques to make the shadows and different values.

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