The story of iPhone 7. Should I get one for you? iPhone 7 for me

Finally, Apple got the cats out of the bag, and bestowed upon, perhaps, the most anticipated gadgets of the planet, an update... 13 turned up as a lucky date for the general public, but will it stand up to the money for Apple, that's still a bee in Tim's bonnet!

iPhone 7 event

The yearly contest witnessed yet another update, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium heard yet another "Good Morning" from Tim, and the general public discreetly saw yet another clash within the "unique smartphone race". It all was destined to happen on September 9. Apple planned to receive some good, in the name of innovation, yet another time. The world saw the numerical game changing yet another time, but never mind, its an age old marketing law, and Apple considered this yet another time.

Two new finishes, I think you should have both! It will benefit the company. Won't it?
iPhone 7 in colours

Reddit became the place where many like me landed to say some good, yet another time. Its the rule, the two new black are called innovation, yet another time! People like me will buy the phone from the manufacturer just another time.(excuse me, if they won't, the company will be there to suffer). People like me will proudly take the PHONE out from the darkness of their pocket, and the phone will be made to hear some "made from 7000 series aluminum " like phrases in its respect, yet another time.

iPhone 7 by Apple
Bro, made from 7000 series aluminum, you know! Wait, they have charged me some good thousands... Why am I admiring this thing

This is not going to be the case with the general public, and believe me, people will consider the new generation phone, as their personal genie... The compny will get some new phones shipped out of its store, without paying a single dollar on advertisement. That's the age old marketing law. And you know what, I don't know this law, and I suppose many like me will at least act, even if they are aware of this law, as they know nothing.

You know what, I've paid 700 dollars for this thing. Then why shouldn't I admire(my courage)!
iPhone 7 launch event 2016

Who is actually courageous?

I suppose I am, are you? O come on, that's a general question, what's the damn problem in being courageous! I reckon, that's the reason why the customers, as well as the manufacturers are courageous. They are doing a great job in this regard. Aren't they?

Let us get out of the simple basic! At the "Let the cats out of the bag" event, Apple gave themselves an evergreen "courageous title" symbolically, if not straightforwardly. Hellooo Mr Bilal, they have invested some millions in the production house. What if their hard work comes out as a flop?(it won't happen as long as people like me are alive)-Thats the aspect of courage here... Aren't they courageous to take such a "worth taking risk"? They have to continue their ball game, that's the reason they are courageous! Is there anyone else who can jump in the pacific ocean?

My friend is such a coward, he will never give this(jumping in the pacific ocean) a go. But he still manages to buy a new iPhone every year it comes out! Isn't he having a paradoxical personality? I suppose so... What if he lacks the courage when it comes to jumping in the ocean, but he still somehow manages to produce that courage when it comes to the other side! He is amazing, and I reckon everyone like him is amazing. He(my friend) loses his 700 dollars(not really precious to him), nearly every year, just to get some words out of his mouth in front of a big gathering... He is courageous! Every year, he loses this much money to upgrade his phone! But does the word "upgrade" justify its position, thats still a "?".

Unlike me, many people declare quite straightforwardly that it seems more a "downgrade" than an "upgrade", but never mind, these people comprise of some other other brands' die hard fans! So why exactly should Appe fans listen to such critics? "No way, let them lose their headphone jack, get a dual-camera(for each of their friends), as this is just a beginning of a truly wireless future" That's my logic on this upgrade, the rest is left on you, of how you may interpret this phrase!

phil on iPhone 7

What my friend really likes about losing his 700 dollars:

"The new A10 Chip, you know, provides the performance that no iPhone has ever produced!" I know I'm going to listen this, from my die-hard friend, quite usually if not everyday. His plan will work on many but at least not me. Nothing to panic, I will be getting the new iPhone even before him. But I bet he is destined to have a huge say in Apple's upcoming value as he will make many turn from "Samsung to Apple". I must say, one reason will never be sufficient to convince the likes of... - I don't think anyone can find himself fit in this capacity.

Let the humour be aside, another excuse in his words will be:

My 700 dollars genie is one of its kind. You know what, I'll be getting a far better view, from my phone, of the real world than you... You know, the improved new camera will make your clown-like face, an absolute beauty. The bigger variant will be shipped with a dual-lense camera, but I won't be getting that phablet. You know, there must be something to distinguish between a Q mobile and an iPhone.

Many will give in to my friend, but I'll certainly stand firmly, beacuse I have already given in...

AirPods-A truly wireless future
O poor people, they're still using that dumb earphones. Look here, these "AirPods" promise a truly wireless future. Look at the innovation Apple brought, no more headphones, its lightning earphones from now(the name has changed). Apple has left something in the bag for those who won't be able to afford the elegant new Airpods- (Look at the elegance, they are easy to use, and easy to lose)

O my millionaire friend, Apple was made for the likes of you, and you were made for the likes of Apple. I don't even bother to use earphones, but those who do, will certainly make the "Classic" company earn another 4000 Pakistani rupees. Simply because, gone are the days when people could use earphones and charger simultaneously! O innocent readers, how can you insert two wires in one slot. It costs money, and Apple is destined to get this money. The likes of Apple, probably think of a long-term scheme of earning and that's the logic, seems to me, that Apple did not let the person lost in the middle of Pacific Ocean die. Simply, the normal earphones will be able to get in touch with the iPhone 7, but not without any adapter. Are you lying to me, Apple didn't charge any money here, the adapter comes packed in the 700 dollars box.

iPhone 7 headphones adapter

My friend is likely to lose this adapter, and it will cost yet another 75 dollars for him to make up to the par. But he is destined to buy that, even at the price of his life!-He can not live without music, simply...

iPhone 7- The new black

Previously, many courageous like me have made the company lose some of its precious quality quotes, as the iPhone is the only phone in the phase of this living planet which has the record number of complaints regarding home buttons, which declares the component of the dollar 700 phone, really prone to damages, clearly questioning the dollar quality. 700 dollars worth iPhone and 1 physical button... Are they cheating- Sorry, I forgot, aren't they moving to a wireless future? That must be the excuse for Apple all these years, but they have finally given a relax to critics in this regard. Their mysterious marketing schemes won't make the likes of my friend judge the ultimate reason for this move, as they came up with a new name for the age old home button. A "force touch home button" that detects the pressure for letting the job done. It simply does not do any magic, but the quality status of Apple is recovered yet again! Many new controversies have taken birth on September 9, some of which are questioning Apple about its greed, and the others are questioning about the quality... Apple's quality quotes may be affected yet another time, and Apple will surely hunt them the next time. That's the game, and that is the innovation.

iPhone 7 colours

Many companies like Apple will keep on selling controversies, the likes of me will keep on getting charged for these controversies, and the company's value will keep on breaking records! Apple's "iPhone 7, 7 plus" are no exceptions... Go for the 700 dollars controversies, go for the innovation!

Many controversies turn as a big innovation for companies, and Apple is just a name.

Innovation is the game, Apple is the name. iPhone 7 and 7 plus make no exceptions!

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