Finance & Business 2030 Toolkit


Finance & Business 2030 (a.k.a. FinBiz2030) is a joint initiative between One Young World (OYW) and Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW), launched in London in 2019.

Our vision

To unite & mobilise the finance and business community to achieve the SDGs by 2030

Key objectives

  • Raise awareness & drive advocacy of the SDGs
  • Implement actions towards positive change within finance & business
  • Call for industry-wide action
  • Measure and report on impact

Our Charter - The FinBiz2030 community pledges to:

  • Accelerate progress & take action on the SDGs.
  • Establish regional task forces to lead actions on local priorities.
  • Create an environment where young finance and business professionals can make a real difference for the SDGs.
  • Ensure an effective business case is built around each core workstream focusing on positive impacts.
  • Document and report on key progress and achievements for full transparency. ‘What can’t be measured, can’t be managed.’

General Participation Criteria

  • We are looking for change-makers, innovators and disruptors across sectors and industries who believe in the ability of finance to lead change. Participants must not be older than 35 years old and must be prepared for active involvement in facilitating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. They must also fit into either of the following groups:
  1. A qualified finance professional working in the private sector, public sector, education, corporates and own business.
  2. Have a strong interest in using finance and business solutions to tackle world issues.

This toolkit will provide you step by step insight into managing a FinBiz2030 event & setting up a Task Force.

The Purpose of FinBiz 2030 Events and Regional Task Forces

  • The desired outcome of the event is to provide a platform for young leaders across industries to learn, share experience and discuss the key challenges and opportunities for the finance & business community to tackle the SDGs and to identify participants who will commit to be advocates for Finance & Business 2030 in the long term and implement positive change.
  • Following the launch event, the aim is to form regional task forces of committed individuals to identify key priorities in each market, develop and implement an action plan with measurable objectives and engage with the wider finance and business community to ensure good progress and drive advocacy.

Setting up a FinBiz2030 Event

  1. Determine which SDGs the topic will focus on. You can see topics from previous FinBiz events here. It is really critical to establish clear parameters for the event to derive the greatest value out of the day.
  2. Secure senior stakeholders as speakers for the event.
  3. Secure young keynote speakers who can demonstrate positive change.
  4. Secure your venue & establish capacity, catering, logistics, etc. Venues play a huge role in drawing attendees - the more prestigious, the better.
  5. Secure an MC who can host the event. This person needs to be engaging, dynamic, adaptable - we recommend a journalist, a successful finance leader, a successful business leader or a OYW Ambassador.

Branded Event Assets

  • OYW has a standard template for FinBiz2030 events. The OYW team will design this. Please provide the OYW any / all logos needed for the design.
  • There are also branded templates, which can be tailored slightly to help you promote the event including email invitation, press release, social media promotional banner and PowerPoint template. Please note that all branded materials need to be reviewed and approved by CAW and OYW.
  • More information about branding can be found below.

Event promotion

  • The initial invitation is of course critical. You can see a sample invitation from the Johannesburg event here.
  • OYW & CAW can host event registration on its website. We are also happy to work with a host's preferred registration system.
  • OYW & CAW can create assets for social media promotion.
  • OYW & CAW can promote the event on core channels: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram & via newsletter.
  • We ask that the hosting partner also promotes heavily to its stakeholders to drive momentum.

Recommended communications timeline

  1. Event promotion should begin minimum of 8 weeks before event.
  2. Registered attendee check in 4 weeks before event (including agenda & speaker updates).
  3. Registered attendee check in 1.5 weeks ahead of event.
  4. Close event registration 1 week before event.
  5. Registered attendee check in 2 days before event.
  6. Post-event thank you email & survey sent day 1-2 days after the event. We recommend sharing posts & photos about event. View sample survey here.

FinBiz2030 event formats

Format flexibility, including panel discussions and workshops. Importance of group discussion and feedback (eg. 8 people to a table), moderators & note takers.

London 2019: The day was kicked off with a welcome address by the Lord Mayor, followed by a speech from a OYW Ambassador who presented an initiative they launched within their company. Attendees then engaged in 40 minute discussion based on key questions, and then one representative from the table shared a summary with the rest of the attendees. After this feedback session, there was a break, then a second round of discussions and feedback. The day ended with a closing speech and networking. The event took place over 4.5 hours on a Tuesday afternoon. The agenda can be viewed here.

Johannesburg 2020: After a series of engaging keynotes and panels from senior leaders, attendees broke off into group discussions to identify accountability measures around the SDGs, key actions that could be taken in the South African context, and how leaders can meaningfully contribute. Each discussion was followed by a feedback session, where a designated speaker per table would summarise the findings from their group. The day ended with a closing speech. The event took place over a full day on a Thursday. Full agenda can be seen here

Ireland 2020: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Irish Task Force was launched virtually, through Zoom. Introductions to FinBiz2030 were given by the pre-selected Task Force co-chairs and a variety of other key FinBiz2030 members. Attendees then broke off into 'breakout rooms' to discuss key actions they thought valuable and important for the future of the Irish Task Force. The discussions were followed by feedback sessions, where each 'room' reported back on an SDG they were passionate about. The event took place over an hour and a half period. The full slide deck can be seen here.

Invitation management - what you can do:

  • Target several organisations and offer them a set number of places at the event. It can be at their discretion to invite their top talent. Example: CAW invited each member body to nominate 5-10 attendees.
  • OYW also targets its OYW Ambassador community based in the relevant city. Depending on the community size, between 20 - 40 places can be set aside for OYW registrations.
  • Depending on whether you want to cap the number of attendees, you can do internal promotion only, as opposed to external communications.
  • If you wish to do external communications, OYW can manage and vet registrations coming through via the event page.

The key is to attract the most talented, engaged young professionals who will ensure there is continuity post event.

Event coverage

OYW usually handles live event coverage on Twitter & Instagram stories. Content is also promoted on Linkedin & Facebook.

It is recommended that the host secure a photographer & videographer (budget permitting) to produce content for post-event distribution.

Post-event articles

OYW & CAW work with the host's communications team on an official press release for the event. Check out previous examples from London & Johannesburg.

Social media

The only hashtag we use: #FinBiz2030

OYW channels: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube

CAW channels: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube



Key colours:

  • Blue shade 1: #E9F8FE
  • Blue shade 2: #00AED8

Brand guidelines

Download a standard event deck


Kicking into action: Setting up a FinBiz2030 Task Force

FinBiz2030 will be establishing regional Task Forces around the world to help mobilise the finance and business community to achieve the SDGs by 2030. Our first task force launched in the UK in 2019, then in February 2020 we launched the South African Task Force and in November 2020 the Irish Task Force.

Setting up a Task Force is the most important element of organising a FinBiz2030 event - the events cannot be just a talking shop, we need to continue the engagement, translating it into practicable actions.

Post event, the FinBiz2030 event host will need to carry the torch in terms of follow up communications and keeping on top of the formation of the Task Force. We expect the host to offer their office space to host meetings, alternatively virtual meetings can be held for those who may have accessibility difficulties.

Immediate steps post event - for event host:

  1. Follow up with attendees with survey to capture feedback and interest in Task Force.
  2. Identify potential Co-chairs and project leaders for the task force.
  3. Collate the key take-aways and recommended actions from the group discussions to help identify key priorities for the Task Force.
  4. Based on who puts their hand up, follow up with them asking to send through 2 KPIs they want to achieve under the Task Force umbrella.
  5. Arrange an inaugural Task Force meeting 3-4 weeks after the event. We advise setting up a follow up meeting up to 4 weeks after the inaugural one to further establish core projects / workstreams.
  6. Once the group leadership is established, the Chair(s) are then responsible for ongoing communications with the Task Force. The host, OYW, and CAW will be on hand to provide any relevant support.

Task Force structure

  • Roles, responsibilities & structure: Learn from the UK Task Force.
  • Size: Task Forces should be made up of 8-10 motivated young professionals. Based on the post-event survey results, you will get an idea of those who want to lead and simply be a part of the group. Even if more than 10 express an interest in joining the Task Force, that number will shrink as time goes on.
  • Leadership: We recommend having 2 Co-Chairs.
  • Frequency of meetings: Face-to-face meetings can be set up on a quarterly basis, and the Chair(s) can decide on the frequency of calls in between.
  • Managing workstreams: The Chair(s) will be responsible for keeping track of the group's activities - securing pledges early on as well as providing support, encouragement and momentum is a critical part of the role. Once key commitments / workstreams are secured, they can be publicised on OYW / CAW's websites so that other Ambassadors / young professionals can contribute. Workstreams should outline their annual plans in the annual roadmap, whilst also filling in a quarterly report and submitting it to their co-chairs.
  • Keeping in touch: Email is the best way of sending official communications, each Task Force has been issued their own email account, managed by the co-chairs. Task Force members should set up a Whatsapp group to be in regular contact. There is a FinBiz2030 Linkedin Group - however the functionality isn't the most effective. The UK group also has a Trello board which houses useful resources.
  • Promoting the Task Force: OYW & CAW are setting up FinBiz2030 pages on their websites which will store core content about each regional Task Force, their leadership, members, and top-line information about their workstreams. To demonstrate the progress made by the Task Force's we want them to feature in the OYW Impact Report, please see here for how to prepare for this. Additionally, a monthly e-newsletter will begin in Q1 of 2021 to showcase the amazing work that the Task Force's are doing. Chair's or Task Force members must submit the content form by the 20th of every month, in order to feature in the following month's newsletter.
  • Events: 1 year after the inaugural FinBiz2030 event, a follow up event should be organised which will showcase the Task Force's work, recruit new contributors and keep the momentum.

UK Task Force


  • Co-Chair: Emma Bell. RCapital
  • Co-Chair: Jolyon Layard Horsfall. Grant Thronton
  • 10 other members representing Barclays, JP Morgan, NIBC, Standard Chartered among others.

Core objectives

  1. Advocacy for the SDGs
  2. Push for change within companies
  3. Lobby for industry-wide change

The group are tracking their progress in a live workbook (this is just a sample).

Slide decks from the first 2 meetings

South African Task Force



  • Co-chair: Lyle Malander, Malander Group.
  • Co-chair: Mandy Muchnick, One Young World.
  • Over 30 other members representing Deloitte, Investec and Phatisa, among others.

Core Objectives

  • Goal 13- Climate Action
  • Goal 10- Reduced
  • Goal 8- Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Goal 4- Quality Education

Progress Tracking

Progress is tracked through quarterly reports. See here for their template.

Progress example

FROM RESCUE TO RECOVERY: A call to action to build back a decarbonised South Africa.


If others are interested in FinBiz2030, here's how they can get involved:

  • Spread the word – Raise awareness of SDGs through your social networks by telling your friends and people in your organisation about the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Sign up to our monthly FinBiz2030 newsletter
  • Use the film Our Planet: Our Business to drive awareness among key stakeholders in your company.
  • Consider applying to attend the One Young World Summit.
  • Join or launch a regional Task Force
  • Follow us on social media #FinBiz2030.
  • Contact us on financeandbiz2030@oneyoungworld.com
  • Contact the Task Force's directly: uk@finbiz2030.com/ southafrica@finbiz2030.com/ ireland@finbiz2030.com

FinBiz2030 Archive

Previous event locations:

  • London: 2 April 2019, Mansion House. Read more
  • Johannesburg: 6 February 2020, Investec. In partnership with SAICA. Read more

FinBiz2030 speakers to date:

  • Kate Robertson. Co-Founder, One Young World
  • Michael Izza. Chairman, Chartered Accountants Worldwide
  • Rt. Hon. Lord Mayor Peter Estlin. City of London
  • Luke Davies. VP, Group CEO Office, Barclays & OYW Ambassador
  • Daniel Yates. Executive Director, Corporate & Investment Bank, JP Morgan & OYW Ambassador
  • Shirley Mashaba. CEO, PwC South Africa
  • Freeman Nomvalo. CEO, SAICA
  • Tanya dos Santos. Head of Sustainability, Investec
  • Andile Khumalo. CEO, Kumalo.co
  • Tracey Davies. Executive Director, Just Share
  • Chantyl Mulder. Executive Director: Nation Building, SAICA
  • Ruth Hidalgo. Head of Operations, Chartered Accountants Worldwide
  • Lyle Malander. Director, Malander Group & OYW Ambassador
  • Dr. Tashmia Ismail-Saville. CEO, Yes4Youth
  • Sizwe Nxasana. Founder, Future Nation Schools

Key quotes about FinBiz2030

Peter Estlin, Lord Mayor of the City of London - 2019: “Achieving the 2030 SGDs has to be a global priority. The finance and business community here in the City are uniquely positioned to play a crucial role in accomplishing this. Now, more than ever, we need innovative ideas that draw on the expertise of UK business, so it is essential that we can come together. I am therefore delighted that events such as this are delivering a platform for bright young professionals from various sectors to unite and exchange ideas."
Kate Robertson. Co-Founder - 2019: “The inaugural meeting for FinBiz2030 is potentially the start of one of the best things the OYW community has done. We had representation from all the major UK banks, firms of accountants and businesses large and small with international delegates working across a whole range of sectors. This coming together of the brightest talent from across finance and business can only be the start of a powerful group of young leaders who will have the ability to affect policy both in government and in their workplaces. I thought it was a brilliantly organised event that showed both from the City of London and Chartered Accountants Worldwide how much they value this young talent, how much they respect it and how much they expect from it”.
Freeman Nomvalo. CEO, SAICA - 2020: “If ever there was a compelling need for responsible leadership in South Africa it is now. South Africa needs to grow its economy to meet the needs of her people. Such growth, however, should not be at the expense of future generations. It is thus appropriate for SAICA in partnership with OYW and CAW to host the launch of FinBiz2030. The telling feature of this engagement is that it brings together young South Africans to deliberate on the SDGs and chart the way forward. Amongst these SDGs, the focus for FinBiz2030 in South Africa is climate change, reducing inequality, decent work and economic growth, as well as quality education. We are grateful to Investec for sponsoring the event."
Michael Izza. Chairman, Chartered Accountants Worldwide - 2020: “The world is changing and the global financial and business community has a great opportunity to play a major role in meeting the economic and social needs of future generations. Following the successful launch of FinBiz2030 in London last year, I am delighted that Chartered Accountants Worldwide, in partnership with the inspirational One Young World and one of our key member institutes, SAICA, are hosting an inaugural FinBiz2030 event in Johannesburg that aims to harness the brightest minds and talents in our industry to drive forward the initiatives to tackle the priorities for South Africa. It is our responsibility to ensure changes are made now to secure the future for generations to come.”